Teddy Bears are Punk

Who said sandboxes were for kids?

This is a place for me to create.

I wanted a space to experiment, a space to express niche interests, and a space to practice web programming.

This is that place. :)

Recently Learned

I'll be keeping a running list of all the new html/css tricks I learn, as I learn them! Both as reference and so I can look back at and keep track of my progress. Exciting stuff. ;)

Future Goals

I'll be keeping a running list of what I want to learn, specifically, where it comes to html/css and/or building this neocities site. As a reminder and motivation to myself.

Ideas for Other Pages

I'll be keeping a running list of all the miscellaneous ideas for webpages I'll inevitably have. xD I made this neocities site for exploration and absolute fun/expression, and dang it if that's not what I'm going to do! >:)

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1. Footnotes! How cheeky. ;D